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Communication is essential in projects. To be able to CONNECT people, notifications, documents and drawings provide task-relevant information for all team members in the field and the office. 

LeanSight’s mobile app is unique in the market and can be used by all subcontractors for free. This will save a lot of time communicating with all project partners and will reduce failure costs through the availability of information in the right place in real time.

Lastly, captured production data in LeanSight allows you to analyze project performance and to LEARN from completed work.

LeanSight has a very simple workflow within the “Plan, Connect and Learn” framework:


Plan the activities that the project team agreed on during the collaborative planning session or derived from a schedulers vision. LeanSight is easier to use than Excel - digitizing a pull plan session is quick and with the built-in tools for copying, expanding, cutting and pasting, updates and edits are a breeze.

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Assign activities that project partners committed to during the planning session by selecting the desired contact or company name from the list. The “Type” will indicate whether the work assigned involves supplying materials or performing work on the job.

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Project partners commit to completing activities by accepting assignments. Subcontractors and suppliers can accept tasks on their computer, or in the LeanSight mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. 

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Notify and Confirm

The project team can setup automated notifications and reminders with defined lead time to ensure that “make ready” activities are completed and on-time start of activities can be accomplished. Trade partners must confirm receipt and understanding of start date and defined conditions.














Report Completion

Project partners use the mobile app to report completed work on a daily basis.

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Project supervisors use checklists to ensure quality and accuracy of delivered work to close out activities. Checklists are fully customizable, can be copied from Excel and are available in browser and mobile app for field inspections.

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Supervisors and company leadership review project performance using powerful performance metrics that are automatically collected, calculated and presented in a clear analytics dashboard.

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