LM80 Layout Manager

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Product Features: 
  • Concrete Forms and Anchor Bolts

    Lay out complex concrete forms or anchor bolts from any location by referencing any two known points. 

  • Control Points and Offset Hubs

    Lay out control points and offset hubs faster and more cost-effectively. Work on your schedule. 

  • Excavation Lines

    Lay out all lines from one reference location with no string lines, transits or theodolites. 

  • Checking Property Boundaries

    Use the LM80 to make minor adjustments to the building position as needed without waiting or paying subcontractor fees. 

  • As-Built Checks

    Check the work of others and create documentation for change orders when necessary. Direct Reflex capabilities make as-built checks a one-person job. 

  • Set Controls Lines

    Lay out control lines for subcontractors faster and more accurately than with tapes and theodolites. 

  • Topographical Measurements 

    Easily collect topographical data and import it into third-party software for elevation and cut and fill analysis.

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