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Leveraging Trimble Connect for More Effective Construction Workflows

Everyone knows that Building Construction is a tough business. At Trimble, we've been focused on making substantive improvements to workflows with improved collaboration. Effective implementation of round trip workflows (Office to Field to Office) requires connected solutions, coordinated teams, and anytime access. For layout tasks, as-built assessments and structural components, Trimble is streamlining workflows with seamless, real time updates to reduce rework and improve overall team efficiency.

Today Trimble Connect, combined with Trimble office and field solutions, is simplifying the process of connecting teams, coordinating efforts and improving timely access to important project data.

In this edition of Building With Trimble, we'll show that reducing or eliminating manual data transfer is not only feasible today, it's a mandate for many progressive construction firms today. Watch the webinar to see how your round trip workflow might be transformed in the near future.

Recorded on February 24, 2016

Presenters: Jim McCartney, Trimble

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Prolog Integration Series: Data-Driven Decisions

For years, construction companies have been implementing an ever-increasing array of technology to plan and build safer and smarter. While all this technology has helped companies to run more efficiently and effectively, the full potential of the accumulated data continues to go unrealized. Scattered across various spreadsheets, systems, databases and applications, access to and integration of this wealth of information remains expensive, slow and cumbersome.

Lantern Data Systems is a Trimble partner that is helping customers to bring projects and information together to enable more informed, data-driven decisions. With single, intuitive platform, Harnessing the power of project data, Lantern is enabling contractors to be more competitive and ultimately, save time and money.

Recorded January 26, 2016


Presenters: Marcel Broekmaat, Trimble, Marc Krichman, Lantern Data Systems

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Trimble Prolog Mobile: Using Checklists to Streamline Inspections

Learn how Doster's Quality Control & Scheduling Manager, Bryan Love and his team are using Prolog Mobile to manage schedules and workmanship throughout the building process. Bryan will demonstrate how Doster has configured Prolog Mobile for quality inspections to ensure the client is getting the high-quality product they expect from Doster.

Adam Huhn of BuildingPoint Midwest will also provide an overview and some customization options to help you get the most from Trimble's project management powerhouse, Prolog.

Recorded on November 17, 2015

Presenters: Bryan Love, Doster Construction, Adam Huhn, BP Midwest/Gulf Coast

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New Scanning Solutions for General Contractors and Construction Managers

With the latest scanners and modeling tools at your disposal, it's faster and easier than ever to produce comprehensive and precise models of your as-built environments. Learn how Trimble is adapting innovative imaging and modeling solutions for use on the construction worksite, to dramatically improve efficiency of the Field-to-BIM workflow.

Learn more about Trimble EdgeWise BIM Suite and how it can significantly reduce the time required to generate data captured with 3D laser scanners.  Also learn about the Trimble TX8 laser scanner that delivers the high performance and quality results needed for comprehensive worksite data collection.

Recorded October 20, 2015

Presenters: Bryan Williams, Trimble

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Prolog Integration Series: Estimating and Cost Control

This is the first in a series of webinars highlighting the many ways Trimble Prolog integrates with cross-functional business systems to improve efficiency and reduce rework. 

Because controlling costs is such a critical element in managing large projects, many progressive project managers are seeking ways to automate the flow of cost data throughout the project lifecycle from concept all the way to completion. In this installment of Building With Trimble, we uncover how automated data connections between feasibility, cost estimating and project controls eliminate many manual steps, reduces project risk and transforms project teams' overall productivity.

Recorded September 29, 2015


Presenters: Fred Cardenas, Trimble

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Maximize Project Efficiency Through Effective Personnel Management

Watch the recorded webinar and learn how Trimble CrewSight will provide visibility and transparency into the jobsite workforce and provide valuable information that can be used to assess performance, evaluate progress, and make timely decisions. You’ll also learn about how integrating this information with Prolog provides additional benefits to the project team in terms of visibility, information quality, and operational efficiency.

Recorded July 14, 2015


Presenters: Jim McCartney, Trimble, Phil Greer, Trimble

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Material Tracking and Commissioning in Construction Workflows with Trimble’s Field Management Software

Watch the recorded webinar where we review how to track materials in the field, how to visualize progress, and discuss methods for applying consistent material management processes across your organization.

Recorded on June 23, 2015


Presenters: Marcel Broekmaat, Trimble

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Improve Project Communication using Vico’s Flowline Schedule with a 3D Tekla Structures Model

Watch the recorded webinar where we will demonstrate how a schedule optimized for crew utilization and continuity of work using Trimble’s Flowline methodology can be further planned in Trimble’s Tekla Structures environment. Using the constructible model, the sequencing of individual elements will be planned and prepared for use as model-based progress tracking tool. Work completion, entered through the model, can be analyzed in the target schedule.

Recorded on April 28, 2015



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Increase Productivity with a Handheld 3D Scanner on the Jobsite

Scanning technology is becoming more and more present on the jobsite and 3D data capture can sometimes seem like a daunting task. With a handheld 3D scanner, scanning just got a whole lot easier. Watch the recorded Building with Trimble webinar to learn about the benefits of a handheld scanner.

Recorded on March 24, 2015


Presenters: Bryan Williams, Trimble

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Simplify Layout with the New Rapid Positioning System

This Building with Trimble webinar will provide an introduction to the complete Rapid Positioning System, featuring the Trimble RPT600 Layout Station and Trimble Field Link 2D software. Watch the recorded webinar to learn how this new approach to layout can transform your daily task list.

Recorded on February 10, 2015


Presenters: Bryan Williams, Trimble

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