Vico Office for Cost

Model-based estimating has proven to be one of the most powerful workflows that BIM has automated; we can now use 3D models or 2D plans to rapidly quantify projects and spend more time focusing on the scope and sub relationships during the pursuit phase!

Vico Office’s progressive approach to estimating provides unprecedented flexibility when pricing a project.  Whether you prefer to create a top-down estimate at the conceptual phase for target costing, or a detailed estimate for final bid, Vico’s cost workflows have you covered.

The combination of the three modules below will allow you to do on-screen takeoff from 2D plans, 3D models, or in a hybrid mode.  With your bill of quantities prepared, you can then proceed to dynamically linking the design content directly to the estimate. Lastly, work packages can be allocated to subcontractors as per the project buyout.