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Fully Integrated 4D Planning

With Vico Office’s fully integrated workflow producing 4D simulations is simple and automatic!

Models elements that get quantified in Vico Office can easily be turned into schedule tasks by location through the use of our built-in Schedule Planner application.  Those tasks are then dependency linked and optimized to create a Flowline plan. When doing so in Vico Office’s fully integrated system, a 4D simulation is an automatic byproduct with no additional work.

4D simulations are becoming an increasingly powerful tool within construction, as they offer the ability to convey information to non-technical consumers via a connection between the design and time aspects of a projects.  4D simulations are an important part to wining work, validating schedule logic and even performing safety walkthroughs.

With Vico Office’s unified approach to BIM the 4D simulation is just there. No importing or exporting of content is necessary.No additional gluing of tasks and model elements is necessary.  It’s just there! Whatever is done in Schedule Planner can immediately be checked in 4D playback and plan accuracy can immediately be validated.


Seeing is Believing!

It’s often hard for construction professionals to convey what they understand to those who don’t understand the industry.  With so many moving parts and so many variables, it can be a real challenge to have that breakthrough moment with other stakeholders! 4D helps address this problem.

A 4D simulation is the composition of the projects 3D design with the concept of 4D time. Together, the two aspects helps to clearly visualize what a project will look like at any given time. These simulations can be given to an owner to help them understand what their building will look like at any time during the construction process. Similarly, they can be used as a communication tool with the building occupiers on renovation projects to help set expectations.

The beautiful thing about Vico Office’s 4D simulation is that you don’t have to understand construction to see what is going on – you can simply look at the playback, along with the color-coded legend and easily identify what is going on with any given element at any given moment.  It’s that simple.

True Integration

All of Vico Office’s workflows come from within the same database – this means no additional importing or exporting of content when you want downstream deliverables, such as a 4D simulation.

The work that is done in Schedule Planner is immediately available for review in 4D player. Don’t like what you see?  Find a dependency that seems wrong?  No problem! Just change the logic inside of Schedule Planner and re-review the changes in 4D playback to see that the updates are automatic.

This makes schedule optimization and re-organization simpler than ever. Users can review the outcome of their plan and quickly resequencing a project in Schedule Planner by altering the projects location sequence – once completed, no changes need to be made in order for the 4D to be updated and reflect the revised project completion order.

Simulation, Not Animation

It’s easy to get fooled by Hollywood BIM – nearly anyone can outsource the presentation work associated with making an idealized animation about what should happen on a construction site. But that is not what Vico Office is all about!

Using 4D Player in Vico Office you’ll get an actual simulation.  Meaning: the actual design elements are linked the actual schedule task on the true days of execution.  Don’t be fooled by an idealized presentation that doesn’t respect the logic links that actually exist in the schedule.  With Vico Office’s 4D playback you are seeing exactly what is scheduled and exactly how it will look on-site.

It’s not always easy, though – sometimes you may see that a dependency link didn’t turn out the way it was anticipated. But that is the whole point! Simulations in Vico Office aren’t about making pretty pictures, they are about showing the real-world circumstances of what has been planned and how it will turn out.

Product Features: 
  • Built-in integration with Schedule Planner

  • Color-coded 4D groups and display legend

    Different color presentations for different purposes

  • Customizable time spans

  • Agile date and display selection

What's New
What's New: 

Trimble Vico Office R6.5 is now available

June 2017

With this release we’ve made some enhancements to benefit design/cost/time workflows:

  • Design workflows: have been improved via the introduction of rebar takeoff support for Tekla models.  Users can now publish their detailed concrete models into Vico Office and get full quantity analysis and change management capabilities on rebar models.  Additionally, users will be pleased to experience even more 3D performance enhancements to help support the increasingly larger models that come with support of such high volume elements.

    Further improvements to support the design workflow include the support of BCF integration for communicating constructability issues outside of the Vico Office application.

  • Cost workflows: have been improved by adding a few new features, including conditional formatting of data and the ability to bring parent hierarchies from a reference estimate.
    Both changes will make working in cost planner for long durations easier, as hierarchy adjustments will automate estimate creation and conditional formatting has the ability to draw user’s attention to specific data within the estimate.

  • Time planning workflows: have been improved with some nice new features, including the ability to create tasks without cost components and a significant increase in the amount of production control data to web services for an increased ability to do analytics tracking around install performance data.
    Model-based schedules are now easier and quicker to create, with the production control information available to anyone who has a web connection.


Vico Office 6.0

December 2016

Vico Office release 6.0 is now available to help you harness the power of models for estimating and scheduling.

The latest release of Vico Office is all about the user.  We listened carefully about how to improve the workflow and made several enhancements to simplify and improve the quantity extraction process. Users now have more access to information, as well as control over how that data is managed. We put users first and designed a workflow that makes it faster and easier to get project quantities.

Vico Office is leaner - the installer has been optimized and is nearly half the size as before.

Vico Office release 6.0 includes an overhaul of Takeoff Manager module. Users will find many new features that give them the flexibility to cultivate their project content and quantities in any way that suites their workflow.  This includes:

  • Element import selection

  • Access to all BIM parameters, including ‘user-defined’ fields

  • Support for CAD quantities

  • Templated imports and content grouping

  • Brand-new: Takeoff Items Builder

  • Selective quantification


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