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Defined Locations for Location-Based Quantities, Schedules, and Cost Plans

Locations hold the key to a better organized project, both in preconstruction and on-site.  Element quantities broken down per location provide tighter schedules, more accurate estimates and help mitigate risk.  Having accurate locations is critical to providing detailed BIM information and Vico Office is the only solution to incorporate them into the 4D and 5D workflow.

Vico Office LBS Manager lets you define floors, zones, and optimized location systems per the trades who will build and actual site requirements.  These physical breakdowns drive the location-based quantity takeoff which is the starting point for accurate schedules and estimates.  Multiple location breakdowns can be created within the same project and users may decide which quantity set they’d like to use; even better, the location creation process in Vico Office is non-destructive, meaning the users do not have to go back and make any modifications within the authoring software.  The cost and schedule modules within Vico Office will then use the detailed quantities to accurately calculate labor, material and equipment with an extremely high degree of specificity. Precise schedules. Accurate estimates. Better outcomes.  


Work Smarter  

LBS Manager makes it possible create and change project locations (floors and zones) inside Vico Office, without having to go back to the authoring BIM application. Quantities are calculated according to the preferred breakdown and automatically update within the downstream workflows of Vico Office; doing so makes it possible to analyze and optimize the phasing and sequencing of a project, such that harmony can be achieved during on-site project execution.

Vico Office LBS Manager lets you:

  • Define location structures for your BIM models
  • Calculate quantities per location
  • Define alternate location structures as required for trade-specific work sequences (Location Systems)
  • Maintain persistent location structures no matter how many times the design is updated

How it Works

Defining location breakdown structures for BIM models allows you to add new depth and insight into your estimate and schedule calculations; Vico Office LBS Manager gives you the tool needed to do the job.

There are two key components to Vico Office when applying location breakdown structures (LBS): Physical locations and the construction-caliber quantities (derived from BIM model geometry) that come from each location.  It is these locations and quantities which drive the schedule and estimate.

Using LBS Manager, schedulers can start with a phase, floor, or zone of the building and break it down into the physical area that will be built. Elements can then be further delineated into location systems to accommodate for non-standard breakdowns.  This allows all trades to be scheduled in their optimal breakdown for the ideal sequence and continuous flow.  No stops and starts for the crews means better productivity.  


By organizing the project locations with these options, an optimal sequencing logic can be applied with Vico Office Schedule Planner, the model-based scheduling solution that helps you utilize flowline theory for optimizing schedules, in terms of both cost and time.  GCs and subs on the project can review the simulation produced by Vico Office 4D Manager and make suggestions for improvements.

With an optimal sequence and schedule in hand, Superintendents can now use Vico Office Production Controller to record real-time activity rates and produce look-ahead schedules, status reports, and even generate weekly work plans for the project. 

Trimble Vico Office is the first solution to provide both location-based quantities with intelligent geometry splitting.  And it is non-destructive – we keep the original elements so you don’t need to keep returning to the original BIM application to make tedious changes inside the model.  All the locations are persistent in Vico Office LBS Manager and can be applied to new versions of the model as they are published.


Product Features: 
  • Define Location Breakdown Structures (LBS) for Your BIM Models

  • Define Alternate Location Structures - as required for trade-specific work sequences

  • Calculate Quantities Per Location

  • Maintain Persistent Location Structures - no matter how many times the design is updated

What's New
What's New: 

Trimble Vico Office R6.5 is now available

June 2017

With this release we’ve made some enhancements to benefit design/cost/time workflows:

  • Design workflows: have been improved via the introduction of rebar takeoff support for Tekla models.  Users can now publish their detailed concrete models into Vico Office and get full quantity analysis and change management capabilities on rebar models.  Additionally, users will be pleased to experience even more 3D performance enhancements to help support the increasingly larger models that come with support of such high volume elements.

    Further improvements to support the design workflow include the support of BCF integration for communicating constructability issues outside of the Vico Office application.

  • Cost workflows: have been improved by adding a few new features, including conditional formatting of data and the ability to bring parent hierarchies from a reference estimate.
    Both changes will make working in cost planner for long durations easier, as hierarchy adjustments will automate estimate creation and conditional formatting has the ability to draw user’s attention to specific data within the estimate.
  • Time planning workflows: have been improved with some nice new features, including the ability to create tasks without cost components and a significant increase in the amount of production control data to web services for an increased ability to do analytics tracking around install performance data.

    Model-based schedules are now easier and quicker to create, with the production control information available to anyone who has a web connection.


Vico Office 6.0

December 2016

Vico Office release 6.0 is now available to help you harness the power of models for estimating and scheduling.

The latest release of Vico Office is all about the user.  We listened carefully about how to improve the workflow and made several enhancements to simplify and improve the quantity extraction process. Users now have more access to information, as well as control over how that data is managed. We put users first and designed a workflow that makes it faster and easier to get project quantities.

Vico Office is leaner - the installer has been optimized and is nearly half the size as before.

Vico Office release 6.0 includes an overhaul of Takeoff Manager module. Users will find many new features that give them the flexibility to cultivate their project content and quantities in any way that suites their workflow.  This includes:

  • Element import selection

  • Access to all BIM parameters, including ‘user-defined’ fields

  • Support for CAD quantities

  • Templated imports and content grouping

  • Brand-new: Takeoff Items Builder

  • Selective quantification


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