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Product Features: 


    Clean and Intuitive User Interface

    Making the powerful software approachable for users of all skill levels.


    Search Feature

    Makes it quick and easy to find past projects stored in your Modelogix database.


    Model Analysis

    Use the work-breakdown structure of your choice, Masterformat, Uni-format, Job Cost Phase, etc.


    Metrics Feature

    Provides more than twenty customizable data types – allowing you to analyze your cost model in ways that are most meaningful to your company.


    Cost Model

    Benchmark your detailed final estimates, identifying any omissions or errors before it’s too late.


    Inflationary Cost Indices

    Allows you to normalize costs in all your past projects, to account for fluctuations based on a location or time.


    Smart Categories

    Allows you to apply key project attributes to past work – making thousands of past projects stored in the database easy to find.


    Powerful Slice-and-Dice Data Modeling

    Combine any mix of work breakdown structures (WBS) in one view.


    Built-In Proposal Designer

    Easily generate reports and proposals that are polished and professional.


    Completed Cost Model

    Can be used as the starting point for your detailed estimate.

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