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Construction-Caliber Quantity Takeoff

The more precise the quantities, the more precise the estimate and schedule. Vico Takeoff Manager generates quick and accurate model and location-based quantity takeoffs, derived from 3D models created with any of the standard BIM authoring tools. 

Once the model has been published to Vico Office, a unique geometry analysis algorithm is applied to the 3D elements to define takeoff items for estimates and schedules; each takeoff items consists of construction-caliber quantities that are specific to the element type and can be used for more detailed cost and schedule planning. 

Takeoff items can be derived and viewed from both 2D plans and 3D models allowing users to bridge the gap between traditional methods and BIM workflows. A dynamic program architecture lets the user easily select through their takeoff groups to provide the confidence that no quantities have been missed when applying them to the estimate or schedule.  Quantity takeoff persists from version to version, allowing users to quickly validate and compare newly published versions with previous work.

Within the Vico Office integrated environment, takeoff data by location is automatically available in the Vico Cost Planner and Schedule Planner modules; there is no need to export and import data when using Vico Office’s fully integrated 5D workflow. With this approach users can be assured that cost estimates and schedules are always up-to-date and accurate. 


Visual Feedback

Improve communication and confidence. The bidirectional link between all the views within Vico Office clearly present the logic behind the proposed takeoff item and associated relationships; select a 3D element, a Takeoff Item, or a Takeoff Quantity and review the highlighted linked data in context of the estimate or schedule.


Viewing Modes and Filters

Using our touch-friendly navigation, filtering, and advanced viewing modes, you can effectively communicate and manage your detailed design information within Vico Office. Automate the takeoff process to make interacting with your model easier by highlighting and isolating elements based on their properties, quantities and/or location within the project. 

Location-Based Quantities

Using Takeoff Manager you benefit from accurate location-based quantities. The quantities are automatically organized by element type and include location-based quantities according to any of the physical breakdowns that have been added to the project; location structure can refined at any time and quantity updates can be set to automatically propagate to the estimate and schedule.

Verification and Reassigning

Easily identify and reassign 3D elements that were modeled incorrectly in the BIM application when using Takeoff Manager.  Improve control over your takeoff by gaining visual feedback from any 3D element, including the ability to highlight individual quantity faces, as well as identifying any elements with missing quantity data.  Absent information can be augmented into the project by using the measurement tools, or by inserting manual information.  With Vico Office Takeoff Manager users do not need to have BIM authoring software in order to get their content grouped and assigned however they may desire for their own estimates and schedules.

Product Features: 
  • Create location-based quantities from BIM models

  • Flexibly group and organize the quantity takeoff to suite your own needs

  • Generate construction-caliber quantities that are specific to industry methods 

  • Filter, classify and re-assign model-based quantities

  • Generate quantity takeoff reports within the UI, or as an output (PDF, XLS, HTML)

What's New
What's New: 

Trimble Vico Office R6.5 is now available

June 2017

With this release we’ve made some enhancements to benefit design/cost/time workflows:

  • Design workflows: have been improved via the introduction of rebar takeoff support for Tekla models.  Users can now publish their detailed concrete models into Vico Office and get full quantity analysis and change management capabilities on rebar models.  Additionally, users will be pleased to experience even more 3D performance enhancements to help support the increasingly larger models that come with support of such high volume elements.

    Further improvements to support the design workflow include the support of BCF integration for communicating constructability issues outside of the Vico Office application.

  • Cost workflows: have been improved by adding a few new features, including conditional formatting of data and the ability to bring parent hierarchies from a reference estimate.

    Both changes will make working in cost planner for long durations easier, as hierarchy adjustments will automate estimate creation and conditional formatting has the ability to draw user’s attention to specific data within the estimate. 

  • Time planning workflows: have been improved with some nice new features, including the ability to create tasks without cost components and a significant increase in the amount of production control data to web services for an increased ability to do analytics tracking around install performance data.
    Model-based schedules are now easier and quicker to create, with the production control information available to anyone who has a web connection.


Vico Office 6.0

December 2016

Vico Office release 6.0 is now available to help you harness the power of models for estimating and scheduling.

The latest release of Vico Office is all about the user.  We listened carefully about how to improve the workflow and made several enhancements to simplify and improve the quantity extraction process. Users now have more access to information, as well as control over how that data is managed. We put users first and designed a workflow that makes it faster and easier to get project quantities.

Vico Office is leaner - the installer has been optimized and is nearly half the size as before.

Vico Office release 6.0 includes an overhaul of Takeoff Manager module. Users will find many new features that give them the flexibility to cultivate their project content and quantities in any way that suites their workflow.  This includes:

  • Element import selection

  • Access to all BIM parameters, including ‘user-defined’ fields

  • Support for CAD quantities

  • Templated imports and content grouping

  • Brand-new: Takeoff Items Builder

  • Selective quantification


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