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The Trimble Learning Solutions Team

Dedicated to creating an impactful learning experience, our team offers training and certification programs that enable customers, channel resellers, and employees to succeed with Trimble solutions.

Interactive and Experienced:  Our instructor-led training delivery is based on the Adult Learning Principles, with plenty of interaction, hands-on practice, and supporting documentation engaging all learning styles. Attendees learn not only from our experienced consultants, but also from each other, with real life scenarios on how their companies maximize the investment in our products.

Hands-On the Product:  While other vendors might just have you watch them use their product during “your” training, we give you hands-on access to our training environment so you gain firsthand experience using our products both in onsite and in online classes. You leave class with the confidence to take your investment to the next level for your organization.

Training Courses and Certification Programs

LEARN.TRIMBLE.COM is your one-stop-shop for all your training and education needs:

  • Instructor-Led Training Classes (virtual and physical classrooms)
  • Self-Study Courses
  • Certification Programs

Key Benefits for learners on LEARN.TRIMBLE.COM   

  1. Track your learning progress with your own transcript report
  2. Download training materials and videos
  3. Use forums to collaborate with instructors and other learners 
  4. Print your own course completion certificates
  5. Follow structured Learning Plans
  6. And many more!


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Trimble Education & Outreach

Bringing Trimble Office Software and Field Solutions into Education Institutions.

The Trimble Education & Outreach program is designed to provide educators with the latest Trimble software and hardware technology used for construction projects, giving students in the fields of engineering, architecture, and construction science an advanced start in their careers. The program is offered to colleges, universities, unions and trade schools.

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Training Videos Library

Full Library of recordings from our instructor-led online classes indexed with agendas, plus topic-specific videos, searchable by keywords, is available for each product on Support websites:

Training Manuals

Conceptual descriptions, workflow diagrams, step-by-step instructions for hands-on exercises and review questions to benchmark understanding, all organized in a logical flow to efficiently learn our products. Complete and keyword searchable HTML library plus downloadable PDFs are available on Support websites:




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