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Product Features: 

  • Connecting Office Based Workflows
    with the Field

    • View and execute field stakeout routines within 3D models created in popular BIM detailing packages.
    • View point attributes created in the office that define various data points such as: manufacturer, component type and size, etc.
    • Collect deviations within the stakeout routines and export for use in BIM detailing solutions back in the office.
    • Create design locations from CAD such as endpoint, midpoint, arc/ circle, node, insertion, and intersection.

  • 3D Job Data in the Field

    • Easily visualize and then stake-out field points such as wall penetrations, hanger locations, cable tray attachments and stub-up locations within a 3D environment.

    • Within the Model Viewer feature, easily toggle layer and background controls for increased visibility into problem areas.

    • By importing a design file into the Trimble Field Link software, field crews can create points on-top of the design file for stakeout.

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