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WinEst Educational Webinar Series

Join us for a series of educational WinEst webinars. Once a month we will feature a deep-dive into a new topic targeted towards those already familiar with WinEst - click below for descriptions and registration.

Presenters: Ken Regier, Trimble

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Workforce Management: More than just who's here

One primary objective that will likely ensure a successful project outcome is to make sure to have the right labor, equipment and materials in the right place at the right time.  Sounds easy right?  Well, it's never easy, but materials and equipment do what they're told and stay where they're placed.  People, on the other hand, are prone to doing what they want and going where they'd like.  This webinar will introduce you to Trimble CrewSight, a workforce management solution to help you to better manage your workforce and contribute to a more successful and profitable project outcome.

In addition to showing you how to gain better transparency to workers on your project, we'll show you how you can use Trimble CrewSight to ensure compliance requirements, improve safety, and create a more effective working relationship with key stakeholders on the project.

Watch the recorded Building with Trimble webinar to learn:

  • What does workforce management mean
  • What is Trimble CrewSight
  • How does CrewSight work
  • What systems does CrewSight integrate with
  • What processes can you expect to improve with CrewSight

Recorded August 15, 2017

Presenters: Jim McCartney, Trimble

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Saunders Construction Leverages Trimble Solutions to Win New Projects

Saunders Construction, Inc. has grown to one of the largest general contractors in Colorado with over $462 million in revenue in 2016. Utilizing several Trimble Technologies including the Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner, Trimble RealWorks, Trimble Field Link with Robotic Total Stations, along with numerous other Trimble Solutions, Saunders has become a leader in scanning and layout services.

Watch the recorded Building with Trimble webinar to find out how Saunders is utilizing several key Trimble Field Solutions to:

  • Improve customer services
  • Win new projects
  • Ensure quality during construction
  • Utilize important as-built information to help resolve pre, during and post-project concerns

Presenters: Matthew Hamann, Saunders Construction, Troy Hernandez, Saunders Construction, Nick McCombie, Saunders Construction

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Introducing Expanded Capabilities in Prolog

We've been hard at work on the latest version of Prolog! The Trimble team is excited to demonstrate its expanding set of powerful capabilities to you.

Please join us for this webinar in which we will introduce the new Prolog release, which will include some highly anticipated features and enhancements.


Presenters: Amy Glowczynski, Trimble

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Bring All Your Field Data Together with ProjectSight

Managing data in the field can be a chore in today's app based world. With several apps for every task, finding the right information has become a job in itself. ProjectSight solves this problem by bringing all of your project's stakeholders into a single tool where everyone has access to the current drawings, models, files, and records.

Watch the recorded Building with Trimble webinar to learn more.

Recorded on April 25, 2017

Presenters: Marcel Broekmaat, Trimble

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Putting Your Field Processes in Overdrive

The Top Reasons Why Trimble Field Link is Your Best Option

Far more than just a field controller software for a total station, Trimble Field Link offers several unique capabilities that enhance results for field crews and project management teams alike. 

Watch this webinar to learn about the sweeping changes that Trimble Field Link has undergone in the last 2 years and highlight the unique capabilities that separate it from the competition. You'll also be given insight into the future direction Trimble plans to take with respect to field process and BIM workflows.


Presenters: Bryan Williams, Trimble

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Simplify Project Management in the Field

When it comes to project management, control is everything. With countless moving parts, it can be a struggle to effectively manage work crews while keeping stakeholders informed.

Introducing Trimble ProjectSight, a first-of-its-kind project management tool that empowers project teams with relevant, real-time data for informed decision making. It’s everything you need to know, right at your fingertips.

Watch the recorded Building with Trimble webinar to see how ProjectSight unifies field and office workers.


Presenters: Marcel Broekmaat, Trimble, Jesse Lavine, Trimble

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Manage Your Data Better with Vico Office

Are you ready to get serious about managing your model-based estimating and scheduling data? BIM adoption has grown significantly in recent years and practitioners are relying more heavily on models to convey important project data.

Trimble Vico Office is the integrated platform where construction estimating, scheduling and design management all come together.  Our latest update to Vico supports information-rich content coming from all authoring applications. Users are now empowered with maximum flexibility so model-based estimating and scheduling feel like a natural extension to working with 3D models.

Watch this Building With Trimble webinar to learn more!

Presenters: Duane Gleason, Trimble

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Developing the Model-Based Estimate

Model-based estimating is one of the most powerful workflows that BIM has automated - using 3D models or 2D plans to rapidly quantify projects enables you to focus on the project scope and coordinating subcontractors.
This Building with Trimble  focuses on Trimble's progressive approach to model-based estimating; watch Gustav Choto's presentation on how BuildingPoint Pacific is driving model-based estimating:

  • Leveraging 3D models for element takeoff and location-based quantities
  • Augmenting missing 3D information with 2D and/or onscreen takeoff
  • Developing a ‘living detail estimate' to unite both design and constructability

Whether you need to deliver a top-down conceptual estimate, or a detailed bottom-up estimate, learn how Trimble's approach can be applied to your next BIM project!

Recorded on August 30, 2016

Presenters: Gustav Choto, BuildingPoint Pacific, Duane Gleason, Trimble

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Efficiency in Estimating with Trimble GCEstimator Software Suite

It’s no longer necessary to use more than one takeoff application to support 3D and 2D inputs. Trimble GCEstimator Suite provides a single takeoff solution for both 3D BIM models and 2D plans. You have the flexibility to use BIM models for 3D quantity extraction as well as perform a digitized takeoff from 2D PDF files.  

Trimble GCEstimator Suite incorporates best-of-breed estimating and takeoff solutions designed to increase efficiencies, win more work, and maximize the profitability of projects before, during and after construction. With all the tools needed to streamline productivity in a single system, GCEstimator eliminates unnecessary complexity.

Watch this recorded webinar and learn how GCEstimator can:

  • Reduce your need for multiple systems to manage your estimates
  • Promote efficient use and maintenance of data
  • Use both 2D and 3D data to drive costs and estimates
  • Keep your estimate in lock-step with the model, regardless of how often the model changes

Recorded on August 2, 2016

Presenters: Steve Watt, Trimble

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