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Trimble Prolog Mobile: Using Checklists to Streamline Inspections

Learn how Doster's Quality Control & Scheduling Manager, Bryan Love and his team are using Prolog Mobile to manage schedules and workmanship throughout the building process. Bryan will demonstrate how Doster has configured Prolog Mobile for quality inspections to ensure the client is getting the high-quality product they expect from Doster.

Adam Huhn of BuildingPoint Midwest will also provide an overview and some customization options to help you get the most from Trimble's project management powerhouse, Prolog.

Recorded on November 17, 2015

Presenters: Bryan Love, Doster Construction, Adam Huhn, BP Midwest/Gulf Coast

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Prolog Integration Series: Estimating and Cost Control

This is the first in a series of webinars highlighting the many ways Trimble Prolog integrates with cross-functional business systems to improve efficiency and reduce rework. 

Because controlling costs is such a critical element in managing large projects, many progressive project managers are seeking ways to automate the flow of cost data throughout the project lifecycle from concept all the way to completion. In this installment of Building With Trimble, we uncover how automated data connections between feasibility, cost estimating and project controls eliminate many manual steps, reduces project risk and transforms project teams' overall productivity.

Recorded September 29, 2015


Presenters: Fred Cardenas, Trimble

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Maximize Project Efficiency Through Effective Personnel Management

Watch the recorded webinar and learn how Trimble CrewSight will provide visibility and transparency into the jobsite workforce and provide valuable information that can be used to assess performance, evaluate progress, and make timely decisions. You’ll also learn about how integrating this information with Prolog provides additional benefits to the project team in terms of visibility, information quality, and operational efficiency.

Recorded July 14, 2015


Presenters: Jim McCartney, Trimble, Phil Greer, Trimble

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Material Tracking and Commissioning in Construction Workflows with Trimble’s Field Management Software

Watch the recorded webinar where we review how to track materials in the field, how to visualize progress, and discuss methods for applying consistent material management processes across your organization.

Recorded on June 23, 2015


Presenters: Marcel Broekmaat, Trimble

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Improve Jobsite Project Management with Trimble ProjectSight

To keep your building construction projects on track, you need smart workflows and tight collaboration from start to finish. Learn how Trimble ProjectSight can help your company implement an effective mobile strategy and leverage cloud-based project management technology to efficiently collaborate with your field workforce.

Recorded on January 13, 2015


Presenters: Jesse Lavine, Trimble

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What's New in Prolog 9.9

Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about What’s New in Prolog 9.9, including a new user interface, and streamlined user interaction for improved experience and performance.

Recorded on October 24, 2014


Presenters: Phil Greer, Trimble, Marcel Broekmaat, Trimble

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