BIM Solutions

Trimble Vico Office is the integrated platform where construction estimating, scheduling and design management all come together. 

Users can choose from focused workflows (modules) for design, cost and time, or they can work inside the fully integrated Vico Office suite; such flexibility allows the option to start with model-based estimating, or model-based scheduling, as well as having the opportunity to fully integrate the workflows whenever ready.

Cost Planning

It’s time to rethink the way construction estimating gets done.

Layout & As Built

Powerful tools that let you take control of your job site and simplify the layout of concrete forms, footers, and anchor bolts.

Project Management

Trimble provides tools for General Contractors and Construction Managers that transform the way construction is managed. By integrating workflows and using Trimble’s field heritage, we can provide tools that help increase your efficiency in managing Quality, Cost, Time and Safety.