WinEst, from Conceptual to Detailed Estimating

Reduce the complexity of delivering accurate construction estimates with WinEst- now part of a powerful, value-packed subscription that meets your needs throughout the estimating process.

Convert historical cost data into valuable bid information

Convert your unique historical cost data into valuable early stage estimates. Bid confidently, winning more work.

Standardize your own estimating processes

Organize your estimating processes and ensure that everyone is on the same page and producing consistent estimating outcomes.

Use your valuable time for things that matter

Free your time up of learning and using multiple tools to get the estimating job done.

Improve your Estimates with Trimble Connect Collaboration

Our Premium capabilities allow you to share and collaborate project information with the people that matter.

Want to see the estimation solutions in action?

WinEst Essentials

For estimators who work within any phase of the estimation process- initial conceptual budget, project management, and/or specialty contracting— Trimble’s WinEst Essentials subscription is a database-driven estimating and quantity takeoff solution that provides the essential tools estimators need to confidently build profitable estimates and collaborate throughout their

pre-construction workflows.

One Value-Packed Subscription

The WinEst Essentials subscription makes it easy to access Trimble’s industry-leading, full-featured estimating and takeoff solutions — WinEst e-Team with Virtual Takeoff, Modelogix, Schedule Link, Trimble Connect, eTakeoff, Advanced Image Manager, Managed Cost Data, and Online Training — that meet you at every step of your estimating workflow.

Standardized Processes

Implement and automate your company’s estimating methodology, leveraging best practices and historical cost data to increase accuracy and efficiency and reduce the opportunity for error, getting you to bid day confidently, profitably, and with a competitive advantage.

Streamlined Workflows & Improved Project Handoff

Share estimate data with all stakeholders and collaborate in real time using Trimble Connect, our innovative collaboration software —built for construction and accessible from any device— as part of the WinEst Essentials solution.

Consistent, Reliable & Trustworthy Data

WinEst Essentials allows estimators to make decisions based off real-world data with the inclusion of historical data,

pre-built assemblies, integrated takeoff, and managed cost databases, all hidden behind an easy-to-use, Excel-like interface.

WinEst Essentials Features eTakeoff Dimension

eTakeoff is a part of Trimble’s WinEst Essentials solution. eTakeoff integrates with Trimble WinEst, dramatically increasing both estimating capability and confidence in the numbers. Allowing estimate data to flow freely and accurately between estimating and takeoff software, eTakeoff improves productivity and allows for a seamless transition from takeoff to estimate.


With a proven record of continually developing the art and science of cost-estimating technology, WinEst serves the quantity takeoff and cost estimating needs of building construction clients, large and small, all around the globe. Trimble WinEst serves the complete range of industry niches and customers—from regional single-office builders to global general contractors, facility owners, specialty contractors, public/government agencies and more.

Powerful Database-Driven Estimating

The quality of WinEst products is matched only by that of our implementation services, technical support and training. Our Professional Services Group is there for organizations worldwide to standardize processes and get estimating teams up and running fast. Accurate and responsive cost estimating is a strategic component of many of our clients, so we make sure our clients know and fully understand how to get the most out of this powerful software system.

Avoid Errors

WinEst enables the estimator to manage and integrate detailed project estimates, using cost-knowledge management, to increase productivity and customize essential documents. The user-friendly workspace interface simplifies estimating, cost-information gathering, bidding and buying—saving time, minimizing errors and optimizing efficiency.

Adaptable and Powerful

WinEst is easily adaptable to the way you work. Developed from the estimating professional’s perspective, the system is flexible to help you retain your rules and adjust as needed to realize continuous improvement within your organization. With features designed to help you work more efficiently and effectively, WinEst enables strategic integration with many other leading industry applications.

Add to this our proven record of continual development and our world-class technical support, and you have a true partner in your continuing success.


WinEst is a complete software package to meet building owners estimating needs. The WinEst core application is available in three versions WinEst Pro, ProPlus and eTeam for a custom fit within your organization.


Trimble Modelogix is an enterprise software solution that allows organizations to mine data from project estimates and, “as built, actual,” costs, with prices normalized to the time and location of the current opportunity. Use Modelogix to create fast and accurate early phase estimates without the guesswork, reducing risk as you leverage your structured historical cost data in a secure, centralized database.

Conceptual Estimating & Cost Modeling

One of the first systems to truly leverage a company’s project-cost history, Modelogix cost-modeling tool ties seamlessly to data from any leading cost-tracking solution- including MS Excel, WinEst, and others. A new Query API can help enhance your Business Intelligence (BI) practices by easily integrating Modelogix data with your existing BI tools. Data is stored and managed in a user-defined cost structure and readily accessible, as needed, throughout your company.

Visual Comparison and Analysis

See how your cost model stacks up against past projects of similar scope. Identify cost outliers that provide opportunities for adjusting the model to fit the owner’s funding constraints.

View and compare your cost model side-by-side with the project estimates that formed the basis of the model.

Powerful Search Engine

Use selected project attributes to search all of your historical data to find the right mix of projects for your new cost model. Not only do you have access to your historical data, but Modelogix also tells the complete story for each project by including all relevant supporting documents.

Closed Loop Integration

The best way to leverage historical information is to create a continuous cycle or “closed loop” integration. To begin the cycle, a feasibility budget is developed that is based on actual cost information from past projects. The conceptual estimate is then moved to the cost estimating solution to prepare the detailed estimate based on owner specifications. The detailed estimate forms the basis for your budgets in your project management solution, and this data exchange is automated with Prolog. When the project closes, the actual cost data flows back into Modelogix for use on future projects.

Presentation Counts

Modelogix enables you to easily design and print a proposal that reflects your company’s quality, professionalism and attention to detail. With the high degree of care that you’ve put into the preparation of your cost plans, you need to project that quality through the presentation. Modelogix provides professional, customizable templates to give you a leg-up on the competition.


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